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Closer to the Light

I was listening to one of my favorite artists while taking this photo and I thought that perhaps I’d use one of her songs. I will provide a link, of course. However, instead of sharing lyrics that don’t really express what I’m feeling right now, I want to explain why her music really draws me in. If you’ve never heard of her, I hope you will listen to the song I’ve linked below and explore more of her music on youtube.
While I love all sorts of music, there’s something magical about Tash. I never try to sing along or even really understand the lyrics. I simply chill out. There’s just this peace that washes over me and if there’s a fan blowing on me (there almost always is) then I can feel myself transcending to a completely different plane. I’ll let you judge for yourself, but I’d love to know how she makes you feel….if you like her, that is…I do realize she’s not for everyone. *smiles*

Here’s my favorite video of hers: Tash Sultana – Jungle


hair:  MINA Hair – Hattie @ Arcade
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
^^Swallow^^ Crusties Ears 2.0
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

BONDI . TheOscuro Sunglasses @ Cosmopolitan
[ rD ] Banje Necklace @ FaMESHed
Addams // Yvette Lace Boho Shirt
Addams // Electra Denim Shorts
Mosquito’s Way – Alison @ TLC

pose in: 8f8 – Driftwood HAMMOCK
location: The Liaison Collaborative sim

One thought on “Closer to the Light

  1. What a beautiful soul, I feel she has reached a higher state (nirvichara samadhi) when playing and singing here and that state of peace is what you are picking up. A lot more musicians can do this nowadays. If your thoughts stop when you listen to Tash, keep listening to her!

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