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Nice Butt

Do you guys have any idea how hard it is for me to blog a bathroom and not make potty jokes? Even the creator, imaginerabbits, added that adorable little frame complimenting your butt. Then last night a friend of mine shared a tweet that read, “My friend once messaged me and said, ‘When you sit on a toilet, you’re connecting your butthole to a city wide network of connected buttholes.’ How do I unthink this?” And in keeping things short, I’m going to leave you with that and see if you can unthink it. I sure can’t. Buttholes Unite!


ACORN Book 3 Stack -Turtle
ACORN Shadow Box Butterfly Green

Ariskea[Bougee] Fresh Cotton
Ariskea[Lavende] Lavender Candle
Ariskea[Bougee] Zen Green tea
Ariskea[Amber] Giant Plant Philo [Healthy]
Ariskea[Lavende] Bath Bomb RARE
Ariskea[Lavende] Savon de Lavande[Lavander]
Ariskea[Lavende] Eau de Lavande

dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter

Elm. Grace Rug [White]
Elm. Bathroom Decor Tub Rack White RARE
Elm. Jessa Clawfoot Bathtub [Silver]

Tentacio I haven’t gone to the bathroom

.peaches. Juniper Bathroom Set – FULL Beach @ FaMESHed
.peaches. Fenwin Sidetable – White

6 thoughts on “Nice Butt

  1. Laughs! It’s one of those classic comments that you never ever forget! I always imagine alligators in the sewers as well 🙂 I see that cat’s been attacking the toilet roll… love the scene, excellent bathroom!

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  2. Ok a huge thank you from me for that mental image. I’m already anally retentive you know? (Well, you know now… And you’ll always think about it when you see me) 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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