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HaHaHaHa, NO.

Let’s face it, rejection sucks. It doesn’t matter if its being rejected by someone we have a crush on, or a job we’ve applied for, or a blogging team. Being told, No, you can’t have what you want can” often feel so brutal. And depending on our mood, it can feel terribly personal, and THAT…is when it hurts the most. I don’t know about the rest of you, but there are times that I take a leap and reach for something that I feel from the start is really out of my league. I have these brief moments of courage that tell me I can do anything or that it doesn’t hurt to try. Anyone that has read my blog before, knows that I’m not usually quite so brave, not really, not when it comes to things I want. Anyway, when I saw this backdrop from The Bearded Guy, I chuckled to myself and though how many times I’ve applied for blogging teams, imagining them reviewing my application and laughing just like that, “Hahahahahaha, NO.” And here I set not only blogging for Dahlia, which I thought I’d never get, but on the wait list for Nutmeg, which means they didn’t laugh and say no. It doesn’t mean I’ll get it, but there’s a far better chance than no and I’m holding out hope. So, keep your chins up, my lovely readers….ya never know when the answer might just be, “Yes, please.”


Hahaha – Latency Backdrops – The Bearded Guy @ 6 Republic Event

Dahlia – Patia @ Uber
-Dahlia – Patia – Water ing Can – Pink
-Dahlia – Patia – Potted Ivy
-Dahlia – Patia – Ivy Seedlings
-Dahlia – Patia – Garden Terranium – Beige
-Dahlia – Patia – Hanging Ivy

Nutmeg. Garden Getaway @ The Epiphany
3. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Cup Stack
4. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Books & Coffee
7. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Table w/ Cookies 3
9. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Cookies & Cutlery
10. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Coffee Pot & Cloth
11. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Coffee Pot & Pears
13. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Leather Bag
15. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Bentwood Chair

Nutmeg. Disarray Round Wooden Table w/Cloth
Nutmeg. Disarray Wooden Candlestick
Nutmeg. Disarray Wooden Candlestick 2
Nutmeg. Disarray Iron Wine Rack
Nutmeg. Disarray Old Jar Plant
Nutmeg. Disarray Newspapers & Hat
Nutmeg. Disarray Wicker Basket Light v2

Nutmeg. Dacha Crumpled Towel


3 thoughts on “HaHaHaHa, NO.

  1. Lol like this back drop. I gave up applying for anything . So I don’t any more. I feel feel way better for it as yes it can affect you. But why should it I say. Good luck because I know you’ll get it


  2. Hmm, I think rejection is a difficult thing, even if it’s done in a polite and fair way. You still feel upset, that’s human nature. But it shouldn’t stop you reaching for the impossible (like applying for the XYZl blogging team knowing you won’t get in for the umpteenth time but you do it anyway just in case a miracle occurs). Then you have to break out the chocolate.

    If it’s done in a bitchy fashion you can take it two ways. 1. Shout… F— the whole world! and kick the dog up in the air 2. Shout… F— the whole world! and kick the dog up in the air, whereupon the dog bites you and makes matters ten times worse. What I am saying is – laugh at those who reject you cruelly because there’s always karma waiting in the wings for folks who are mean and nasty about things.The older you get, the more you experience this. And again this happened recently to me, no names mentioned lol

    That backdrop is ace and your post is also ace… looking forward to the next one!

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