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We Are All Different

Well, another post on Facebook has inspired me to write. Someone asked why bloggers don’t credit skins…or this…or that. This was met with tons of replies from more people pointing the fingers at bloggers for how they do this wrong and should do this and shouldn’t do that. There were bloggers defending themselves. Others were saying how they don’t blog certain things. I even commented that I rarely list appliers, because I usually don’t remember what I’ve got on.
That thread has stayed with me ever since. The thing is, we all blog for different reasons, and we all have our own way of blogging. Just like stores and events look for different things in bloggers. I think people that don’t blog and even some that do are under some misconceptions that there are certain rules about blogging. There aren’t. We all blog the way we want to blog. We set our own standards. The only rules we are obligated to follow are rules we agree to when joining a designer’s team and that’s IF the designer has rules in place. Not all designers do.
Whether you’re a blogger or you like to follow the blogs, the only thing you accomplish by attacking bloggers is drive them from their passion. If there’s a particular blogger that you admire and you really want to know more about what they post, please go to that blogger directly. Please don’t assume we are all the same. Please know that we are as different as the people that follow the blogs. Some like to read stuff, some just want the photos and the credits. So, unless you want to be attacked as an audience, please do not attack us as a community.

ANHELO-M57WA-194GA :: still life (wagon)

Dahlia – Joanna’s – Macaroon Box
Dahlia – Joanna’s – Macaroons – Set 2 D
Dahlia – Joanna’s – Macaroons – Set 2 C
Dahlia – Joanna’s – Macaroons – Set 1 B
Dahlia – Joanna’s – Macaroons – Set 1 A

dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter
dust bunny . spotted begonia
dust bunny . pilea peper plant

Fancy Decor: Hampton Set @ Uber
Fancy Decor: Hampton Planter
Fancy Decor: Hampton Rug
Fancy Decor: Hampton Fire Pit
Fancy Decor: Hampton Pillow A
Fancy Decor: Hampton Side Table
Fancy Decor: Hampton Candle
Fancy Decor: Iced Tea
Fancy Decor: Hampton Patio Sofa
Fancy Decor: Hampton Patio Chair
Fancy Decor: Hampton Pillow B
Fancy Decor: Hampton Pergola

Fancy Decor: Bradley Side Table

SAYO – Geometric Wall Panel – 01
SAYO – Eastport Egg Chair – Adult @ Uber

[ zerkalo ] Prague Gacha – Drinking Set – RARE

: [Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Jump
: [Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Familly
: [Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Play
: [Rezz Room] Bengal Cat Nap

2 thoughts on “We Are All Different

  1. We’re all different. I credit everything in my posts for many reasons, one of which is a majority of the teams I’m on require it. I also feel that if I feel good enough about the items, whether it is decor or it is skin appliers or makeup, then I should credit it. I remember seeing poses that I loved but unable to find them because people wouldn’t blog the poses. I feel bad for pose stores because they have so many people using their poses for their posts (even those not on their teams) and don’t even get a list with the store name and pose name (at the very least). AND I’m shy at times. I don’t like going up to strangers and asking what pose they used or what the skin was they had on. One way I remember to put my skin in is by copying the name of it from the folder into OneNote as I’m setting up my outfit. That way I don’t forget. But then again, I blog for pose stores and skin stores too. I do agree though, we are all different and we all have our ways of doing things…this is just my way of doing it. Someone once told me that they refused to blog anyone but their sponsors and then she went to her FB page and tore my whole blog apart all because I said “actual blog” when I meant “I journal.” And I only found it out when I went there to send her an IM saying we miscommunicated and to apologize for my part in the miscommunication. That’s another part of what you’re talking about here. I just meant that day that I use my blog as a journal and a way to express my feelings inside me. But instead of asking me what I meant by what I said, she ripped me apart. I will never forget that. It hurt a lot and really stung. I second guessed myself for weeks after…and NO blogger should ever feel that way… do it however you want to! It’s your blog, your creativity, your way of doing things…no one should be bullied for it and no one should have to defend themselves. The way I do things is how I want to do them and basically how I learned to do it. If that makes sense.

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