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What does your profile say about you? Mine gives some basic information that I feel is a fair, yet brief introduction to who I am. I give my links to the blog, my flickr, and facebook. A few corny one liners to show my sense of humor. Oh and I provide a link to my personal soundtrack. I have two pics that are shoutouts to my two closest circles of friends. There’s information for bloggers and TLC, because I feel its important to represent your SL jobs. Then I just have a few basic pics of places I like to hang out. To finish it off, I’ve got a photo of a bunny in latex for my 1st life, cuz seriously? It’s way cuter than me. There’s also a Bukowski quote along with a link to my results to that Myers-Brigg Personality thing. I mean, that’s a long read that I’ve not even finished yet, but if someone really wants to know….*shrugs*…pretty accurate so far. So, I’m not sure what mine says about me to other people. I just know that I loathe blank profiles and they raise all sorts of red flags to me.
Someone asked me last night what his blank profile made me think. I told him that I have an active imagination, but it certainly makes me suspicious. “Of what?” he asked.
Well….to me a blank profile suggests any number of things and because I can’t KNOW the answer, it will depend on the energy I get from that person. However, I’m most likely to suspect they are an alt. Or lazy…depending on the age of the avatar. The next part was not written by me, but by Poppy Maladay and it amused me to no end. So, I’m sharing it with you, because its hilarious.

Second Life single men,and their profiles….or how not to shoot yourself in the foot,by Poppy Maladay:
Page 1 :
Display name: You do not need to repeat your name in ascii to be cool. Once is enough,Deemonz777.Resident. We get it.
Profile Pic: While that suntanned shirtless pic of you posed in front of a 3 wolf moon background is certainly eye catching, just a nice head shot would be fine, thanks.
Groups: Though I know you are super proud to be card carrying members of such groups as WetnWildOrgyClub or DurtyGrrlz..most women find the evidence of your sexual preferences distasteful. Hide them.
The inevitable quote from some 90s butt rock band that is supposed to express how bitter and disillusioned you are…how deeply you have FELT PAIN..bitterness is not attractive. Make it stop.
Page 2: Profile Picks
Oh god where do I start? No profile picks means you are an alt, come on, make SOME effort here. HOWEVER: if you have every tab filled with women (why do you never have any male friends?!)..sisters, mothers, exes, besties, daughters..all that have been there for you thru thick n doesn’t leave much in the way of room for NEW women in your life, does it? HUGE TURN OFF. Get those bitches out of there.
Page 3: Real Life
REAL LIFE. Not another greazy shirtless picture of your cartoon,thanks. If you’re not a hideous mole man DO put a rl pic in, if you were hit one too many times with the ugly stick, at least be clever,put something funny in there,okay?
Following these guidelines may actually get you laid.

kinky af
Should I make this my profile pic? LOL

hair:  TRUTH Horizon VIP Gift
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

(Yummy) OM Layered Necklace
[Aleutia] Tracy Set @ FaMESHed X

pose is in Elm. Countryside Pool & Pergola @ FaMESHed X

One thought on “Profiles…LOL

  1. LMAO! I like that Poppy, she’s got my sense of humour 🙂 I used to have a fantastic profile when I was a model years back now and it seemed oh so important at the time, but all the conspicuous and painful marketing just pissed me off so now Scarlet, I don’t give an arse. Thank you ❤


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