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The Hardest Part

I think the hardest part of doing decor posts is figuring out what to write. I’m not always as emotionally connected with my decor scenes as I usually am with my fashion pics. I’ve had this photo ready for at least a week know and every time I pull up the post to write something, I turn my head to the side like a confused dog. I’m actually quite proud of the scene and the arrangement of the items, but no clue what to say. I’m not a huge fan of leather furniture in real life, because I hate sticking to it. I do think its beautiful and I think of this room as a man’s area. A man who has a woman in his life, like a mother or sister, that insisted on a few female touches to the room. *shrugs* Maybe I’ll have more to say about the next picture. Though to be perfectly honest, I’ve been more visually inspired as of late, than verbally.

fancy decor and more

scene created in (Milk Motion) The loft

floorplan. door backdrop / rustic

Fancy Decor: Bradley (*new* @ Uber)
-Fancy Decor: Bradley Side Table
-Fancy Decor: Bradley Sculpture
-Fancy Decor: Bradley Lounge Chair
-Fancy Decor: Bradley Rug
-Fancy Decor: Bradley Coffee Table
-Fancy Decor: Bradley Magazine
-Fancy Decor: Bradley Floor Lamp
-Fancy Decor: Bradley Sconce
-Fancy Decor: Bradley Chaise
-Fancy Decor: Bradley Throw Pillow

Fancy Decor: Potted Succulent

Silence. – Caiti Cats – Black

Dahlia – Amore (*new* @ Sultry)
-Dahlia – Amore – Gem Chocolates – White
-Dahlia – Amore Frame – Brown

Dahlia – Always Set
-Dahlia – Always – Wallart – Rose Gold
-Dahlia – Always – BB Beer

220ML – Alabama Style
-220ML – Alabama Style [Cup w/ Liquid]
-220ML – Alabama Style [Peanuts]
-220ML – Alabama Style [Open Bottle]

NOMAD // Lily of the Valley Vase

[ keke ] zen gingko plant
[ keke ] zen weeds

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