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It’s Friday!! Might not be the end of the road, but its the end of the week and now the shenanigans can begin. “What shenanigans?” you ask. Well, it could be Grace getting so drunk she butt dials a frenemy or it could be Tracy eating an entire bag of chocolate in one sitting, then blaming the dog or it could be Kess grinding on Artem in some random public place or it could be Sady bouncing off the walls. Regardless of what shenanigans may occur, there is surely going to be shenanigans. Now, I wonder just how many more times I can say shenanigans in this post without being ridiculous…oh wait, saying shenanigans over and over is its own little shenanigan, isn’t it? Now the word is stuck in your head, too. You’re welcome. *grins*

end of the road

[Kres] Apoxwagon (*new* @ Eclipse Event)

DRD – Building Remains – Dirt (*new* @ Eclipse Event)
DRD – Abandoned Truck – Shelter

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