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I don’t understand

I’m really curious if there are girls in Second Life that actually fall for the lines that some of these men throw at us. I’ve heard of some pretty outrageous things that girls have said to men, as well. From dick pics to lame ass pick up lines to sexual assault, I’d like to say I’ve seen it all, but these ridiculous men cease to amaze me. I’m not talking about the plain ole, “Hi” or “Hello”…or even the “Nice avatar.”
I’m talking about those really far out and inappropriate intros. For instance, I had a guy emote that he grabbed me by the hair and bent me over a table. I didn’t know him from Adam’s housecat! Ironically, he’s IMd me two more times since then, each time at a different club. He never seems to remember me, but I sure af remember him. I mean, that kind of unsolicited emote is like a sexual assault, right? Or the guys that IM every girl in the club with the same opening line. Uhm, dude, we’re all dancing in a row on the same hud, we’re not talking in local, which should indicate we’re probably in a conference. Did you really think we wouldn’t tell each other about the rando in our IMs?
I’m really curious if this tactic works. How many girls do they have to copy/paste that message to in order to get a hit? Does anyone fall for that? If so….WHY???

blueberry foxy

hair: Lamb. Mirror Kisses (*new* @ FaMESHed)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
eyes: -SU!- Astrid Eyes
body: –Belleza– Freya
skin: [theSkinnery] Emmy (*new* @ C88)

-SU!- Celestria Earrings
Blueberry – Alma – Ruffled Top
Vinyl – Hart Wide Legs

pose by Del May
.Florix. Zebra Backdrop – PINK (*new* @ Equal10)


5 thoughts on “I don’t understand

  1. I don’t necessarily fall for the lines myself, but there are times that if the avi looks good and the line is clever enough, makes me laugh, or he writes well and it catches my attention I’ll entertain it for a little bit. My level of sexual need also determines if I answer or not, lol

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  2. I had one guy send me an IM while I was out with my hubby telling me I was “beautiful’ and asked me if I wanted to do the nasty….he was Polish so I said to him (this was like the fifth person in so many days to IM me while I was out on date night so I was a bit frustrated with that), sooooo I told him “I like my sausage American. No Kielbasa for you” haha It gets annoying….and if that guy had IM’d me, he would be picking his jaw up off the ground after a sound telling off. I’m a rape survivor and that is paramount to telling you he’s raping you with his emote.

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  3. Am not a huge club goer but on the male’s defense, there are also a lot of desperate females out there that having your partner box is a challenge to many females and they will hit on your partner and blatantly express their sexual desire telling them they can do it better…love responding back to them when my partner has shared their im’s…great post ♥


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