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VolleyBall and Hot Dogs

I’ve said it many times about how blessed I am to have such amazing friends. That’s never been more evident than when I sent out a notice giving them one day to toss on some beach wear and come pose for a photo in which they probably won’t even be recognized.  Not only did they show up, but we had so much fun shooting this photo. My four closes friends were there without question and that makes me love them all the more. This is not a fashion post and I’m not going to bother trying to list what everyone is wearing. Especially since this photo is all about the VolleyBall game and the hot dog thief. Clearly, Dusty is too distracted by bouncing girls in bikinis to notice the pups stealing…lol…oh and if you know Dusty, you know that this is where he would roll his cartoon eyes. *smirks*

volley ball and hot dogs

[Bad Unicorn] Vista Volleyball Set (*new* @ K9)
-[Bad Unicorn] ‘Vista Volleyball’ Court
-[Bad Unicorn] ‘Vista Volleyball’ Ball
-[Bad Unicorn] ‘Vista Volleyball’ Bench
-[Bad Unicorn] ‘Vista Volleyball’ Referee Chair
-[Bad Unicorn] ‘Vista Volleyball’ Scoreboard

JIAN Boston Terrier Hot Dog Thief (*new* @ Uber)
-JIAN Hot Dog Grill
-JIAN Boston Terrier :: Hot Dog Thief

JIAN Beach Corgis :: Drink Cooler RARE
JIAN Beach Corgis :: Beach Towel RARE

poses for volleyball players are all from Bauhaus Movement

Huge Special THANK YOU to everyone that made this photo
from left to right:
mattio Magic
Lucavi Couturier
Dusty Wasp
Beatrice Ballyhoo
Grace Sixpence
Caitlin Mirabella
Niccolo Ellisson
Kess Crystal
Me(Sadystika Sabretooth)
Kronic Stoanes
Tracy Redangel
Romulus Greymoon

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