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Because I Can

I love dressing super sexy/slutty in SL, because I can. I’ve been known to dress up like an elf, a cat, a murderer, a skater, a devil, and a variety of other things. My avatar is also much thinner than me in RL and she is forever young. She is anything I want her to be, all based on how I’m feeling at the moment. That’s the beauty of Second Life, right? We can be just about anything we want? Now, I understand that if you dress as an elf and go to an RP sim where there are other elves, people will assume you are there to RP. The same can be said about any of the characters. I mean, there seems to be a sim for everything these days, whether RP or not. So, naturally if I’m dressed overtly sexy or slutty and I hang out at a popular adult club, its going to happen that someone is going to say something or do something that would not be okay in the real world. I’m not easily offended in either world.
However, as an adult woman in her 40s, I find the age difference disconcerting at times. I hear people say all the time that age is just a number, but I disagree. Age is much more than a number. Age is a reflection of time spent alive, it suggests decades of changes that were either witnessed first hand or merely learned by historians. If I’m closer to your mom’s age than I am to yours, things are going to be weird at times. I know, I’ve been there more than once. Yes, it took more than one for me to learn my lesson. The lesson I learned is that it matters to ME. I always find it ironic when a guy is hitting on me and I ask his age. The minute he tells me he’s under a certain age, I wince and shake my head. I won’t deny that its somewhat flattering when they say, “I like older women” or “age doesn’t bother me.” But c’mon, let’s be real, we all know they are most likely just trying to get laid and that’s fine. Again, adult club…its to be expected. What I find amusing is that they assume that their opinion on the age difference is the only one that matters. Uhm, hello? I asked the question for a reason. I’m not going to relate romantically to a 20yr old guy. Sure, they can lie and say they are older, but the truth will come out eventually. There are certain things that people in their 20s simply could not have experienced and certainly wouldn’t remember, because it happened before their time.
This is not to say that I’m not capable of being friends with people of all ages. We can certainly learn a lot from one another, but knowing that you weren’t even born when I graduated high school? Meh, sorry boys, it just turns me off. So, even if you’re just wanting to get laid, try paying attention to what the woman is saying. The questions she asks means those topics are important to her. This goes both ways, all ways, regardless of gender and/or sexual preference, obviously.

dirty dancing

hair: RAMA.SALON – Cherry Hair (*new* @ Blush)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: Glam Affair – Viktoria Applier

[Sexy Princess] Blossom Top & Skirt (*new* @ DAZZLE)
[Avenge] Sparkling thong (*new* @ Kinky)

pose by Del May
BUENO-Hallway-Miami (*new* @ Arcade)

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