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Feeling Peachy

At my last job, there was a woman that was having an inner office affair. She had trusted a few of us with her secret, but when she told us that he had used a can of peaches to enhance their…uhm…oral pleasures. Well, from that day forward anytime someone said, “How are you today?” and someone answered, “I’m just peachy.” My best friend and I would burst into giggles, because feeling peachy has forever taken on a new meaning to us. Perhaps now that I’ve shared that little story with you, it will make you giggles the next time someone says they’re feeling peachy. It’s been years since that happened and it still makes me laugh. As I’ve said many times before, laughter is one of those wonderful parts of life that makes it all worth it sometimes. ♥


hair: #Besom~Beautiful Maids (*new* @ C88)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
ears: ^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: Glam Affair – Mindy – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – Jamaica
(Yummy) Layered Chain Choker – Gold
(Yummy) Leave A Mark Set (*new* @ C88)
SPIRIT – Mina shirt (*new* @ C88)
SPIRIT – Mina shorts (*new* @ C88)

pose: GLITTER Poses GP Estere Set (*new* @ Pose Fair)
uK – Contemporary Garden Fountain White (*new* @ FaMESHed)

6 thoughts on “Feeling Peachy

  1. scratching my head and trying to imagine what a “can of peaches” does or did they open it or how was it used to upp their game…you know am gonna google that to see what I can find *laughing great post

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  2. “Apples, apricots, bananas, cherries, dates (especially Jujube — Chinese red dates), mangoes, mulberries, peaches, persimmons, strawberries, and watermelon (eat the seeds) are all considered sex tonic foods.” what one google article said hehehe

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