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Let’s Talk About Pumpkins

Today, we’re going to talk about pumpkins, boys and girls! There’s a time and place for all things. I realize that, at least in the U.S., pumpkins signify Autumn and for NORMAL people Thanksgiving…pumpkin pies, perhaps even a pumpkin roll or pumpkin bars with a nice cream cheese filling/frosting. Now, I can’t speak about the rest of the world, but our president isn’t the only thing orange around here this year. America has gone too far! We have pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING! Coffee….just ew. Cookies….eh, ok, not everyone knows how to bake or has time, but for me…nah. Even those two things I can handle. However, you cannot go into a store that sells groceries without being inundated with all thing pumpkin…it’s starting to feel a bit like Bubba Gump ran out of shrimp and started in with pumpkin. From condoms to vodka, we’ve got pumpkin cereals, oatmeal, waffles, poptarts, pancakes…coffee, creamer, ice cream, yogurt, eggnog…marshmallows, M&Ms, Hershey kisses, almonds, granola….soup, jello, hummus, syrup, crackers…ffs even pumpkin flavored breath strips! There’s even pumpkin butter (like peanut butter) and regular butter, pumpkin Pringles, Doritoes, Peeps,  beer, bologna, chewing gum, literally pumpkin chips,…ya know, veggie chips other than potatoes that they convince people are better for you? There’s even pumpkin flavored toothpaste! And I shit you not about the damn condoms and vodka. I could sit here and bore you to pieces very much like Bubba Gump went on about shrimp, but even Bubba had the good sense to know that shrimp doesn’t belong in EVERYTHING! Don’t even get me started on the pumpkin scented items…from candles (understandable) to sanitary napkins (yes, I’m serious).
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-pumpkin, but again…time and place…I like them for decor and in pies. There are a few other home baked exceptions, to my personally approved pumpkin flavored list, but I can assure you that Oreos and water are not on the damn list!
Let’s talk about one of the most welcome places to find pumpkins this time of year…decor! I’m not talking all the crazy painted colored pumpkins, but this dining set from Fancy Decor (always tasteful decor) has done it right. Simple…small…metallic pumpkins set the tone for this dining room set perfectly and I’m more than pleased to introduce a touch of fall to my beach house with this beautiful Abigail Dining Collection. You can grabs yours from Collabor88, join me in keep pumpkins where they belong this year…in decor and pies. Yes, I’m talking to you, Tracy Redangel, I know you can’t wait to get down to Starbucks and order that pumpkin latte. *rolls her eyes and wanders off to find something NOT pumpkin flavored to eat for breakfast*

Seasonal Dining
click the photo for a closer look

house: ROOST – Palm View House
Fancy Decor: Abigail Dining Collection (*new* @ C88)
-Fancy Decor: Abigail Dining Chairs
-Fancy Decor: Abigail Dining Table
-Fancy Decor: Abigail Place Settings
-Fancy Decor: Abigail Rug
-Fancy Decor: Autumn Centerpiece
-Fancy Decor: Classic Coffee Cups
-Fancy Decor: Classic Coffee Pot
-Fancy Decor: Classic Salt & Pepper Shakers
-Fancy Decor: Classic Water Glasses
-Fancy Decor: Table Runner
dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree
dust bunny . potted cheese plant
dust bunny . potted rubber tree
A Good Vintage – Wine Table

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