This Dress

Sometimes an outfit just inspires a photo, but the only words are about the outfit itself. This is one of those times. *shrugs* The new Serenity dress from United Colors can be picked up at the latest round of Tres Chic. This dress is to die for, as it comes with so many options, its... Continue Reading →


Hold My Hand

When I saw this pose by Drunk Panda, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and the perfect way to dedicate another post to Josh, because I'm not the best at showing him how much he means to me. He's always posting these romantic and sexy memes to my page on FB. Sometimes I... Continue Reading →

No Place For You

It was the end of summer and she had decided to take a walk down to the Charcuterie for some of Peter's famous sausages. They would be perfect with the apples she had picked that morning. As she walked along the dirt road she came across the most adorable little piglet, she scooped him up... Continue Reading →

What We Want

Dear Blueberry, This blog post is dedicated to you and your amazing team. Why is it titled, "What We Want?" Well, because we all want to blog for you! I don't know a single blogger that doesn't want to blog for you. Now, with that said, I am extremely blessed to blog for some of... Continue Reading →


This post is going to be short and sweet, because sometimes music expresses what I'm feeling more than my own words. So, here's a song, but this time I'll let you find the lyrics on your own. I'm just going to quote my favorite part. ♥ "Spend some time with you I might bend the... Continue Reading →


Like most bloggers, I'm a multitasker. Often times while I'm in blog mode, I'm watching a movie or a show. This particular night I was up far later than usual and had stumbled across a great copy of 40 Meters Below. Now, I'm not a huge advocate for watching illegal copies of movies, but let's... Continue Reading →

Love Bites

Josh and I both did our own versions of this photo, which I've posted below. We also decided that only a song would fit the photo. So, per my usual tactics, I'm providing a link and the lyrics. ♥ Def Leppard - Love Bites If you've got love in your sights Watch out, love bites... Continue Reading →

Walking The Birds

People looked at her strangely as she and her cat paraded about carrying birds that would fly about only to return to their perches upon them. She didn't find it at all strange to take her birds for a walk and neither did her cat. Even the other birds would look at them strangely, but... Continue Reading →

A Better Day

Once upon a time there was a girl that saw nothing but drama on Facebook all day long. She hated seeing people she cared about at each other's throats and desperately wanted everyone to get along. She watched insults being flung about carelessly and it made her sad. She knew she was powerless against all... Continue Reading →

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