Let’s Get It Started!

“Everybody, everybody, let’s get into it
Get stupid
Get it started, get it started, get it started”
The Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started

Okay, I’m going to just jump right in and tell you all about the gorgeous stuff in these pictures! I’m so in love with the -DRD- Garden Party gacha set! I have the complete set and have tried to capture all of it in these pictures. However, my yard was not quite big enough for the light tent. *sighs* Everyone surely knows how amazing the DRD team is and their creations are always quite popular. I’m pretty sure I own half the store. This set is so incredible and detailed that it really makes me want to throw a party and I just might!

drd party2

Don’t mind the couple canoodling on the Bonfire Bench, this post is not about them (Josh and me) or what they’re wearing! This post is all about how this set has inspired me to create a beautiful garden party area right outside my house. I could take tons of pictures and not capture it all. So, I’ve done my best to give you three shots of the scene I managed to create right on the edge and partly over the water.
Something I haven’t even played with yet, is that some of these items have huds for changing the seasons, like the trees! You definitely want to go get your collection started, cuz this is a party waiting to happen. I even teased Josh and told him I was setting up for our reception. (Relax your knickers, its not happening!)

drd party

You’ll notice there’s a plain deck here without all the lights attached, well, let me explain how that was made possible without owning two of the same rares and disassembling one of them. Death Row Designs is one of the only stores I know of that offers a copy/mod exchange on unopened gacha items. So, you’ve played the gacha until you got all the items you wanted, right? Well, unless you plan on giving them away some day or selling them, you should definitely take the unopened boxes to the store, go the gacha exchange area…find the machine that matches your items and rez the box on the little platform they have there. Instantly, you will receive a copy/mod, no transfer version of the gacha item. Now you don’t have to worry about losing those precious DRD items and you can do modifications to create extra deck space like I did! Isn’t that amazing? Yes, I know…incredible!

DRD Garden

So, where can you get all these amazing items? At Death Row Designs, of course! No special events to wade through, just go to the store and wander about. I have no doubt you’ll find more than one item you’re just dying to have!

Here’s a list of all the items, with a brief bit of insight, along with the slurl to DRD!

-DRD- Garden Party Gacha – SPECIAL you get this one when you play the machine a gazillion times like I did…actually its  only 25 (this comes with 6 different fence pieces, only three are pictured)
1 -DRD- Garden Party – Stage and Dance Floor – RARE (comes with instruments & everthing)
2 -DRD- Garden Party – Big Trees – RARE (two trees, one decorated, one plain, with a HUD)
3 -DRD- Garden Party – Light Tent (not pictured)
4 -DRD- Garden Party – Ground Dining Set (the pillows are not connected, so you can move them about)
5 -DRD- Garden Party – Beer Bar
6 -DRD- Garden Party – Juice Bar Station (comes with a little tree & a HUD for the tree, as well as the Juice Bar itself!)
7 -DRD- Garden Party – Solo Stage
8 -DRD- Garden Party – Drink Barrow
9 -DRD- Garden Party – Light Poles (One & Two versions)
10 -DRD- Garden Party – Nacho Bar
11 -DRD- Garden Party – Which Way Sign
12 -DRD- Garden Party – Little Tree (comes with a season HUD)
13 -DRD- Garden Party – Wallflower Seating (comes with two chairs, a side table, and two plants)
14 -DRD- Garden Party – Wallflower Seating – Two (comes with two chairs, a side table, and two plants)
15 -DRD- Garden Party – Wallflower Seating – Three (comes with two chairs, a side table, and a plant)
16 -DRD- Garden Party – Bonfire Bench
17 -DRD- Garden Party – Bonfire Chairs (five chairs)
18 -DRD- Garden Party – Bonfire and Treats (fire pit and a lil table of roasting stuffs)
19 -DRD- Garden Party – Barrel Table
20 -DRD- Garden Party – Desert Table
21 -DRD- Garden Party – Memory Ladder

Still reading? Get your butts to DRD already!


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