Blue’s Angels

All three of us have been anxiously awaiting the final reveal of the newest and possibly the greatest creation from Blueberry yet….Breeanya! As the three of us stood there, posing while I sifted through windlights, we chatted about how much we loved the dress and several story ideas occurred to me, but alas I did not have the focus to full write one. However, I can’t help but share some of the ideas….mostly because of conversations we had.
There once was an angel named BooBooKittyFuck.  She thought she was better than all the other angels cuz in her words…she’s as “Angelic as fuck!”
Once upon a timie there were three angels that protected the gates to Heaven and it burned to the ground.
I love these two women and we had an absolute blast taking this picture. I certainly hope our humor hasn’t offended anyone and if it has….well, I apologize, but that’s who we are…we’re angels! I promise!!! *giggles and hides her crossed fingers behind her back*
Blue's Angels
left to right: Grace Sixpence, Sadystika Sabretooth, and Nikole “BooBooKittyFuck” Pizzaro

hairLittle Bones – Elle
tattooBolson / Tattoo –  Bernard

hairTRUTH HAIR Cheri  (*new* @ Uber)
tattoo.::Nanika::. India tattoo

hair: Doux – Lorena
tattoo[White~Widow] Loving

We are all wearing:
Blueberry – Angelberry Halo, Wings, & Shoes
Blueberry – Breeanya

pose: oOo Chicks


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