Glub Glub

O.M.G. Is this a post with no shoes? Why yes it is. I can’t wear shoes when I go swimming, not to mention the shark would probably eat them…we won’t even talk about how I got tangled up in all these tentacles! Look, there was shiny stuff at the bottom of the sea, ok? Even the shark came in for a closer look! Its true! Look at all these cool underwater decor pieces that unKindness has put in a gacha of all things!?!?! You can have your very own mermaid aquarium by collecting them!


hairTableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Bent over
head: CATWA HEAD Kathy
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

*N*Tentacle Flower Light Pac
*Just BECAUSE* Ahrianna Bikini

uK – Deep Sea Ruins RARE (*new* @ The Guardians Event)
Heart – Forest Undergrowth – Horsetails
uK – Deep Sea Out of my Shell (*new* @ The Guardians Event)
uK – Deep Sea Floating Up (*new* @ The Guardians Event)
.:Bee Designs:. Summer Fun Gacha Swimming Shark
uK – Deep Sea Collumns (*new* @ The Guardians Event)


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