The Royal Treatment

It’s that time of month again..*queues the drumroll*…time for a sneakpeak of what might be in the March Treasure Chest. This month the theme is Royal Treatment and we’ve got 13 original mesh creators with exclusive designs! Seriously, no recolors or retextures..these are purely exclusive to Treasure Chest. Let’s take a look at that picture and see what possibilities await…

The designers for this month’s chest are:
Abstract Soul
Casa del Shai
Cubic Cherry
Fallen Gods Inc.
The Half Moon Market
UnrepentantTreasure Chest March Sneak Peak.

I see the cubic cherry logo with what looks like it could be a seashell? Or maybe a staff? Gosh, this is exciting…and let’s face it, that little frog has me smiling so big. I do hope there’s a frog in the chest. Seriously, how freaking cute is that? I see those mysterious eyes peeking out at me, so I’m going to jump to the conclusion that someone is bringing some eye options, probably Oxide! The colors I’m seeing remind me of mermaids…perhaps we’ll see some royalty beneath the sea? With Fallen Gods in the mix, I suspect a skin might even be on the horizon and surely Adoness will deliver another amazing head of hair!
I’m so excited, I can barely stand it. If you want to get your own Treasure Chest, I suggest you grab yours before the clock strikes midnight, before the price doubles!


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