Treasures & Dungeons, Oh My!

By now, I’m going to assume you’ve all heard of the monthly themed mystery subscribtion box, Treasure Chest. What sets this box apart from other mystery boxes/crates, is that they focus on new and exclusive fantasy, steampunk, post apocalyptic & sci-fi roleplay creations. February’s theme is Dungeon Crawl…muahahahaha. Now, I can’t show you anything that’s really in the box, but I do have a little sneak peak picture for you.

One could take a lot of hints from a photo like this, but knowing Adoness is one of the creators for this round tells me that there’s going to be some pretty interesting hair involved…I wonder if that strand of bluish green hair on the right side of the photo is from there. Hmmm, I suppose we’ll find out on the 15th, won’t we? I see vines and roses, are they in the box or just camouflage? Oh, I can’t stand it, I’m dying to see what’s in this chest! And I dunno about you, but those shadowy figures in the background make me think that just maybe there might be some armor inside! And Cubic Cherry always makes the coolest stuff….OMG! The anticipation is killing me…with a list of designers like this….how am I supposed to contain myself until the 15th???

Here’s the list:
Cubic Cherry
The Half Moon Market
1313 Mockingbird Lane
Souzou Eien

Just make sure you grab subscribe before midnight on the 14th. If you’d like to catch a glimpse of past boxes, check this site:
To get in on the goodness before its too late go here to subscribe: Treasure Chest Headquarters




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