It seems strange to a lot of people that we log into this virtual world and develop such close, intimate relationships with people we may never meet face to face in the real world. I know that people joke about those that are with a new partner every other week or month. While others seem to survive the test of time and last for years. Some couples even move to real life and find what they hope to be true love. While there are others who do not even entertain the thought of dating, romance, or sex in a virtual world.
I’m not going to attack anyone’s romantic habits or lack thereof. One of the beautiful things about SL is that we truly can live and let live if we so choose. What works for some will most definitely not work for another. That’s life, period, regardless of realm.
I believe there are some people who are addicted to the falling or the chase. That euphoric feeling of falling in love, but once the falling is over and the dust settles they begin to grow restless, perhaps even bored.  Perhaps they’re just moving too quickly and are too eager to claim their territory in fear of losing it?
I know of many SL only couples that have been together for many years, never crossing the lines or boundaries of a real life face to face introduction
I think there are some that are open and honest with each other. They have real life limitations, thus their relationship can only evolve so far with respect to said limitations. It’s all different strokes, isn’t it?
I know of some couples that have moved their relationship from SL to RL. And we can only hope that their love is truly eternal and that they can stand the test of time and RL challenges.
For me, I have no desire for another RL relationship as I’m on a very slow journey towards a divorce. Its an amicable situation for now. I’ve only had a handful of SL relationships over the years, for most of the my 10+ years on the grid I have not dated. Its only been in recent years that I began to enjoy the romantic side of SL again. Since, 2013 and this will include a ten month break from SL, I’ve been in five SL relationships…Josh being the 5th. Josh and I have no plans to move our relationship to RL, as we live in different countries and have responsibilities that simply wouldn’t permit either of us to move in that direction. I am quite blessed to have found someone willing to deal with my RL situation without making demands that I cannot meet. I cannot know how long we will last. We’re fully aware that we are not likely a forever more couple or that we shall live in a happily ever after virtual world. What we know is that we’ve found something special in each other that we’ve not found anywhere else. What we know is that we have true feelings and desires for one another and for now…I am His.


I certainly understand those that choose not to pursue romance in SL, I recently declared I would never do it again as it hurts so terribly much. Yet, here I am, doing it again. Color me a hypocrite if you like or remember that I am a woman and I do what I want! That means I can change my mind faster than I can change my mood! HA! Whatever your romantic status, goals or desires on the grid may be…I hope that shopping is one of your passions as it is surely one of mine.
On that note, Uber recently opened, along with lots of other events going on already,  and as usual they’ve delivered up an array of gorgeous designs from creators all across the grid. Pictured is the latest from Dead Dollz, the Scarlett Bodysuit, which comes with a hud to change the color of the ribbon belt. Kunst is always on point with intricate jewelry designs and I’ve been a fan of theirs for a very long time. Without fail, Kunst has delivered a gorgeous unisex Devon bracelet with a color hud that allows you to personalize it and color coordinate.
With all of the events going on at any given time, there’s just no reason for a lack of retail therapy and I for one find it ever so fulfilling to put together my newest finds with classic favorites. So, live and let live, love and let love, and shop for the love of all things pretty…go shopping! *giggles*

Sady is wearing:
hair:  Doe: Christine (*new* @ Memento.Mori)
head: CATWA HEAD Catya
skin: [theSkinnery] Fleur (Catwa Applier) honey (*new* @ Shiny Shabby)
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

**RE** Simone Heart Collar
[ kunst ] – Devon bracelet (*new* @ Uber)
.::Dead Dollz::. Scarlett Bodysuit (*new* @ Uber)


Josh is wearing:
hair:[i.mesh] – Hairbase#1 BROWN (hud) – CATWA applier
head: CATWA HEAD Paul [Basic Head] (unpacked)
skin: LURE: Cain Birch – Catwa and Slink Appliers
beard: [i.mesh] – Beard#2 BROWN/stub. appliers for CATWA heads
body:Slink Physique Male Mesh Body

DAPPA – Pharaoh Tattoo – (Faded Omega) (*new* @Men Only Monthly)
[ kunst ] – Devon bracelet (*new* @ Uber)
– Indie Joggers – Crow

pose: Kinky 1 – Couple 01 (*new* @ Kinky Event)
decor in the background is all from Artisan Fantasy


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