Sisterhood of the Magical Leggings

Once upon a time on a grid not so far away lived a beautiful seamstress who created magical designs that caused a great stir among the many mesh bodied avatars roaming the land. Her beautiful clothes were known across the land for their mysterious powers. In fact, there are legends about her yoga pants of well…not THAT long ago, but not very recent either. It has even been said that those yoga pants were known to lure lovers to their doom! There have been many mystical and magical designs released since the gravity defying yoga pants, but none created quite the stir until one fated day in mid December there came to be…the Magical Leggings! Naturally, the ever humble Blueberry simply named them Cake Leggings, but it wasn’t long before women near and far were coming together as a Sisterhood of the Magical Leggings.


You see, women come in all shapes and sizes and thank goodness for that. However, because of the various shapes, not to mention mesh body types, not everything looks good on everyone. Yet, these leggings? They looked amazing on every woman! No matter how bootylicious or cutey booty they were…these “Cake Leggings” made all their asses absolutely delicious. So, it seems our fair maiden knew precisely what she’d created when she named them after cake…for who doesn’t love a nice slice of cake?


These leggings were so magical that women didn’t shy away from one another when they encountered each other wearing them. Instead, they gathered in groups, they formed a Sisterhood and rejoiced! For they recognized the greatness of the leggings, and each wore them with pride. Each woman defining her own individual style while sharing their love for the Cake Leggings and together they paraded their perfect taut butts across the grid….leaving a trail of drool…and pup tents *winks*…wherever they traveled.


As if the leggings weren’t enough…don’t you know that juicy little Blueberry minx turned around and cooked up some Cupcake boots that came with TWO heels types? Sharp and Thick! Naturally, the went perfectly with the leggings and happy holidays was had by all, because even the people that weren’t wearing them were surely enjoying the view of those who were.

[White~Widow] Caravage – White
Vinyl – Wrapped Scarf (*new* @ Uber)
=Zenith=Cosy long Gloves – Maitreya
Blueberry – Cake Leggings
Blueberry – Cupcake Boots

poses by Bauhaus Movement
location: alpha tribe


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