lil psycho

Every few years we break out the decorations for Xmas at my house in RL, but we don’t really celebrate the holiday. Worst time of year for anyone in our house to try and buy extras. We usually wait for tax refunds and celebrate Taxmus. No decor needed but presents shall be had!! We do feast, because if there’s one thing we love to do at my house…its cook. Anyone that’s friends with me on Facebook has probably witnessed more than a few of my meals. So, there shall be a Christmas ham and lots of side dishes, along with desserts. The cookies and fudge have not survived the week, but they sure were delicious.
I have had a bit more Christmas spirit in SL, but its been funny to listen to my friends all going a bit nuts about the holidays. One has house guests, 934 SL jobs, a real life job, and tons to do for the next four days. Another friend plans to stay drunk the entire weekend, she’s Irish, did we expect less? Another has to travel to her sister’s house for the day, but would rather stay home in her room. Around the world, people are busy getting prepared for the joyous holiday and I’m just sitting here being a lil psycho watching.



So, I went to N21 for one thing I saw on Facebook. This ain’t it. I told myself I wasn’t going to look around once I found that one thing. Well, we know that’s not what happened. Mind you, I did get what I went for, but when I stumbled upon the Cerberus Xing Entrall gacha, I knew I was in trouble. Naturally I wanted that coveted black set, but when I got the blue rare top, I secretly cheered. Believe it or not, blue is my favorite color aside from black. Make sure you check it out, because there are a few gachas at N21 this round. Go on, you know you wanna.

::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Winx.
.:E.A.Studio Ears
CURELESS [+] Collyrium Eyes / SKY
[CX] Enthrall Collar (Blue+Maitreya) (*new* @ N21)
[CX] Enthrall Top (Blue+Maitreya) RARE (*new* @ N21)
[CX] Enthrall Thong (Blue+Maitreya) (*new* @ N21)



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