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Bad Girl

So, I wanted a quote about a bad girl being good or vice versa. I wanted a quote to epitomize the balance. In my search, I stumbled upon this:

I don’t want to be ‘Halsey: America’s Sweetheart,’ or ‘Halsey: Bad Girl.’ If you can sum up my career in a clickbait headline, I’ve done something wrong. Halsey

I love this for so many reasons. One of the reasons, really isn’t mine to tell, let me just say I’m feeling a great sense of pride on behalf of a good friend. The other is because this amazing young woman has summed it up perfectly. I’m not a famous anything…and well, I have no career, but I love what she’s saying here. I don’t want to be known as Sady the good girl (yeah, I know…not too many would believe that anyway), but I don’t want to be labeled a bad person or total bitch either. There are many sides to me. I often make jokes that some people are bi-polar and I’m more like quad-polar. I like to thing that I’m as multi-faceted as a quality diamond and have more layers than an onion. I believe I’ve achieved that and I think those that know me well would probably agree. I don’t take pride in much, because I’m extremely hard on myself. My friends fuss at me for this all the time, but if there’s one thing I will take pride in? I’m definitely not a book properly judged by my cover.


I’m true to myself. That is one thing I can say for certain. Yes, there are times that I falter and fall flat on my face, but you will always see me get back up…even if I have to crawl around for a good long while first. Good or bad…above all? I am strong.

Vanity Hair::Aquarius (*new* @ Tres Chic)
.:E.A.Studio:. Piercing Bare Code
.:E.A.Studio:. Ear Nepthune
**RE** Simone Heart Collar
ED. Hype Pants (*new* @ Tres Chic)
E-Clipse Hype Boots (*new* @ Tres Chic)

poses: Bauhaus Movement


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