What If…(Xmas)

“Be careful what you wish for, lest it be true.”  ~origin unknown

Every year we hear a variety of Christmas wishes from those that celebrate and those that don’t. It got me thinking…what if…just for once…EVERY Christmas wish made on a certain day actually came true, but no one knew what day or that this was even going to occur? (Ok, sounds like an interesting movie…I should be writing screenplays!) Ok, but let’s take a bigger look…look pass the children wishing for toys…lets even look pass the people wishing for money. Let’s assume that a lot of people will suddenly be healthy which would be freaking awesome!
Let’s keep going…What if that miserable housewife that on that one fateful day, of all wishes coming true, wished her husband dead as she picked up the socks that he drops right beside the laundry basket for the 984,303,202nd time. What stuck in traffic the man that’s late for a business meeting wishes that everyone would just get the hell out of his way? The traffice parts like the red sea, yet the cars are being pushed against each other ruining the property and days of hundreds, simply because of a random reckless wish. Or that overly dramatic moment when we throw our hands up and wish we were dead?


Well, this is certainly a pleasant what if topic…of course there was a point to this twisted tale…be careful whatcah wish for. What if we wished happy things for other people? Let’s give that a try and who knows, just maybe some of our wishes will come true!

So, I found a link on Flickr with a list of amazing winter sims to visit and I made it to the 2nd one on the list when I knew I had found a spot to take my pictures, Rosemoor. Without even joining a group, I was able to rez my scooter from Bueno that just so happened to match this new Persuede dress from Cynful, as well as a posestand. I promptly retrieved my items when I was done and I know you will be just as curteous. So, if you’re looking to explore or for some inspiration grab the slurls from Flickr and have fun!


[RA]  May Hair  (*new* @ The Liaison Collaborative)
^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD
CURELESS [+] The Twelfth Night / Alpine Fur / BROWN (*new* @ The Arcade)
[Cynful] Persuede Dress  comes with optional necklace & bracelets 
#EMPIRE – Hellebore (Nov Luxe Box)

personal props: BUENO– Shining Scooter (*new* @ The Arcade)
poses: Klubwerk.poses
location: Rosemoor


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