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Dear, Venison

I don’t think its a big secret that I’m a bit twisted. I’m the one that makes the “too soon” jokes and the inappropriate jokes. I wear tags that offend the sensitive and have even had display names that got me kicked out of a few PG places. (Thanks, Grace!) I’ve gotten fussed at by more than one club host/owner/boss about my behavior or my language. I make no apologies for who I am except that I do try (for the most part) to respect the rules.

With that said, my friend Grace and I, love love love to tease three of our friends (Posh, Ara, and Tracy) on Facebook whenever they post pictures and videos of cute little animals like pigs and goats. I suppose you could say we troll them, but only in the cutest of ways, really! You see, Grace and I…well, we see pigs…we make bacon jokes…and so it goes with any animal that is deemed edible. So, I could not resist writing up a little post about delicious venison and for those that don’t know…venison is deer meat.


My dear friend, Kess Crystal, did an epic post the other day called Reindeer Aren’t Just for Christmas and I wanted to reply with a blog post of my own. You’re absolutely right, Kess…they’re also for dinner! *giggles*

The stuff is pretty self explanatory, not going into it a great deal. I just really wanted to do this picture from the moment I saw this headpiece from Azoury and when Kess did her reindeer post…I couldn’t resist.

AZOURY – Saul Headwear (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
[White~Widow] Aloft (MadPea Advent)
PHEDORA / Kendra panties / 40C (*new* @ Kinky Event)
PHEDORA / Demonix Boots / 40C (*new* @ Uber)

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