Fairy Tales

I can’t speak for little boys or even for all little girls, but I think I can speak for the majority of little girls when I say that as we listened and, eventually read, our favorite fairy tales over the years, we secretly yearned for a prince of our own to come and whisk us away to his magical kingdom where we could live happily ever after. At some point along our journey to womanhood, most of us realized that fairy tales are just that. Tales. No prince was coming in on a white horse. No fairy god mother was going to wave her wand over our tattered dress and turn it into a beautiful gown. Frogs did not turn into princes, although most of us will readily admit that we kissed more than a few. Rarely did that once supposedly prince charming actually become a king of anything but the remote and the only throne he claimed was the one in the bathroom. We, also, came to realize that there was no Disney princess staring back at us in the mirror. And, I’ll be damned if my mirror ever suggested for even a minute that I was the fairest of them all. Some of us even came to realize that the softer, gentler version of the fairy tales told to us as children were actually quite brutal in their original form. The original tales were actually more honest. The monsters were real and they were human.


The world is full of monsters and as adults, we recognize that the greatest monsters of all are humans. So long as humans walk the earth, there will be monsters, war, and tragedies. It is the nature of mankind. Just as natural disasters are the nature of the planet on which we live. We can’t change the entire world, but we can make a difference in our own personal little world. We can choose not to contribute to the negative energies. We can not laugh at the bully’s joke. We can turn off the television and radio when they glamorize the violence for days on end. We can pay attention without fueling the fire. We can also spread joy and positive energy. We can compliment and encourage one another, smile at strangers, hold the door for strangers, buy a cup of hot cocoa for the bell ringer outside the store…and so much more. These simple acts of kindness? They will help us as much as those to which we show kindness. Be kind to one another, please…there’s too much hatred in the world already.
In the meantime, Happy Shopping! ♥

hair: MINA & EF – Harmony (*new* @ FaMESHed)
EF: Laurel Necklace
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
EF: Laurel Bracelets
The Annex – Angel Dress – White – Maitreya (We ❤ RolePlay)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Pointe
Belle Epoque { Gaia } Feet White
AZOURY – Faded Ballet Shoes [White]

location: Whole Wheat
poses by Del May


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