My friend, Kobie, recently blogged his girlfriend and one of my best friends, Grace Sixpence. I loved the idea so much that I’ve decided to do the same. Today, I’m blogging Tracy Redangel.  You see, she’s had a tremendous impact on my life and despite the way I pick at her on Facebook…she is priceless to me. She had no idea what I was writing about when I asked her to pose with me for these pictures. I’m sneaky that way and if she actually reads this post, she’s probably starting to sniffle, because despite her fiery red headed reputation…she does have a soul and it is as deep as any ocean you can imagine.


She and I had a bit of a rocky start, but one late night Skype conversation altered the paths of our Second Lives forever and I couldn’t be more grateful. This woman aggravates me, supports me, loves me, and makes me laugh way too hard. (yes, when she makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe, that’s too hard) She truly is my late night partner in crime and encourages trouble at every turn. I ♥ Tracy! She’s really amazing and lets my torment roll off her back like water on a duck, because she’s been through enough in her life to know when to take someone seriously and when to shrug it off. Yeah, I envy that about her, too. She’s as beautiful inside as she is outside and to make matter worse? That’s true in BOTH worlds! I’ll give you a minute to hate her, but then you’ve got to come back and lover her as much as I do. ♥


As Tracy and I became closer, we decided to put each other in our profiles. We didn’t talk about it. We just did it and happened to notice that we both did it around the same time. When I saw what she wrote and the song she chose for me…I cried for over an hour. She knows me and gets me like no one ever has. I should hope that you all have a friend this amazing someday, if not now. (I’ve added the song to the bottom of the post.) From beginning to end, it fits me pretty damn well…just like Tracy. Never let it be said that true bonds aren’t built in a virtual world, because this is one person I intend to keep in my life forever. I am blessed with a multitude of incredible friends, but Tracy is one of my absolute best friends which makes her extra special. Yes, in the short bus, hockey helmet way, but in other ways, too. *winks*


So, you’re looking at a lot of stuff in these pictures. Let me start with the scene, because while I didn’t use the pose included, I did use the backdrop provided with the Riders pose set from Come Soon. Its one of the things I love about their poses. You get these incredible scenes that you can use repeatedly with other poses. The bikes are from Optmus Race and come with an endless array of couple’s poses. Yes, you can also drive them!  Now, as most people know, my friends and I are shopaholics. Tracy are those hud humpers that must get into an event as soon as humanly possible. So, all the deets for our ensembles are below and if they’re currently at an event, the link is there for that, too. Happy Shopping! ♥

Tracy is wearing:
hair: #Foxy – Drogon. (*new* @ Hairology)
[Z O O M] Aviator Classic – Petroleum
MG – Earrings – Vallari Hoops
body: Belleza– Isis
**RE** Brooke Suede Jacket – Isis – Black
Blueberry / Tink / Knee High Sizes
REIGN.- Mishi Thigh High Boots

Sady is wearing:
[monso] My Hair – Jihyo (*new* @ Kustom9)
-SU!- Sytpal Eyes SILVER
Glam Affair – Barbara Applier ( Catwa  ) Europa 02 (*new* @ Kustom9)
.4 [ kunst ] – Septum Keeper (left)
earrings: [CX] Bound Gears
[NikotiN] Rainbow_Black RARE
Amala – The Kylie Choker – Thick
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Letis Tattoo :: Hamal :: MM16023 :: (*new* @ ULTRA)
//Ascend// Gitana Fringed Top / Black (*new* @ Mesh Body Addicts)
gloves: [CX] Soul Grips
rings & nails:**RE** Precious Set
Blueberry – Luxe Box – November Skirt (Nov Luxe Box)

Tracy’s bike (red one): OR R900 YZR-M1 EXECUTOR HASS
Sady’s bike (black one): OR R900 YZR-M1 EXECUTOR DARKYN
*CS* Riders – Full Scene
poses by Tracy Redangel


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