Have a Little Fun

I fully admit that I’m addicted to Facebook and Flickr. I’m regularly scrolling through, admiring photos, laughing at memes, and joking with friends. Occasionally, I even make a new friend. As of late, there’s been a serious influx of political posts and that’s to be expected with presidential elections only weeks away in USA. *sigh* No worries, I’m not going there. I just know how exhausting it can be, especially when you already know who you’re voting for or if you’re not even from the U.S. People have become so divided that they’re unfriending one another and arguing (not discussing) and spewing more hate than already floods the pages of Facebook.


If the political posts weren’t enough there’s the regular news, whether its celebrity, weather, sports, or crime….there’s just some bad stuff going on out there right now and at times it just feels a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? You’ve got celebrity divorce and while that’s laughable to some…it really just drudges up pain and kills hope for others.  The weather, goodness, between hurricanes and insane snowfall early in the year, that’s enough to drive home a reminder of Global Warming which puts a damper on the ole psyche, right? We’ve got star athletes stepping down or retiring, so you’ve got sad farewells…another thing that can stir up a variety of emotions. Crime, well, let’s just say that’s a never ending story and not the good one. Life out there in the real world can be hard to handle, even if we’re simply observing it from the safety of our homes.


I just think its really important that we as Second Lifers remember that we can still have fun and its okay to shut out the real world once in a while and escape. Sure, there’s an abundance of drama and bad news in SL, too, but you have more control here than anywhere. You can block, mute, derender, tp away, or even log out. There’s also another option…BE SILLY! Find something fun to do in SL. Its not all clubs, sl work, and drama. While those things are fantastic, there’s amazing sims to explore just to explore. There are games within SL. I know it sounds crazy, but there are! So, let go of all that adulting and let out your inner child. Go take pictures, swing, slide, ski, surf, shoot zombies, and of course, there’s always plenty of shopping!
Don’t let the the real world get you down. Let your proverbial hair down and go have some fun!

Sino is wearing:
[Neurolab Inc.] GOGGLES CyberPunk
hair: *Dura-Boy*71
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) – Moody
**RE** Savage Ear Piercings
**RE** Savage Face Piercings
**RE**Raven Collar
**RE** Dragon Necklace
**RE** Brutal Necklace
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body
Legal Insanity – macoto tshirt karma black
**RE** Savage Watch
**RE** Savage Bracelet
**RE** Brutal Hand Shields
**RE**Savage Claws & Rings
not so bad . PAOLO jeans . fitted mesh (*new* @ TMD)

Sady is wearing:
hair: *PH* 8156 (w/pompon) (*NEW* @ Seasons Story)
CATWA Mesh Eyes
Glam Affair – Kelly Applier (*new* @ Salem)
**RE** Good Kitty Collar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
BUENO-CropTee-Fitted-#Barb (*new* @ Uber)
*Just BECAUSE* Rena Sweatpants – Gray (*new* @ FaMESHed)

pose: oOo Studios
location: StoryBrooke Gardens


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