What if…

People that have watched movies with me will tell you they either love it or hate it, because I have a way of taking things to a whole new level. Beyond the screaming and grabbing when something jumps out at me. Beyond the bursting into tears when the scene becomes even slightly emotional. Beyond laughing too loud or too long at the funny stuff. Beyond the ending that leaves you wondering what happened after it fades to black. You see, I’m an only child, and I spent a great deal of my early childhood in isolation. Therefore, I have a very vivid imagination.
So, many movies leave me wondering…what if….
What if he didn’t know he saw dead people? What if Rose had shared her wooden board with Jack? What if Rhett DID give a damn? What if the zombies ate everyone and there were no survivors left? What if…Dorothy had abused the power of the red slippers and joined forces with the wicked witch and destroyed Oz!?!?!?
I know, I know…what if Sady stopped drinking while writing her blog? Pfft, now what fun would that be? Anyhooo….here’s my version of wicked Dorothy…sorry, but my Dorothy wanted one of those monkeys and she listened to way too much R-Kelly, so she believed she could fly…maybe that’s Tinkerbell in her broom lantern…maybe….maybe I’ll shush now. Details are below…

[SWaGGa] Flying Monkey Shoulder (*new* @ Enchantment)
.::Dead Dollz::. Wicked Hat – Enchantment GIFT
[RA] Tiwa Hair  (*new* @ Hairology)
**RE** LUX Lolita Necklace
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
.::Nanika::. Flying Monkey  tattoo
**RE**Cora Harness
.::Dead Dollz::. Wicked Dress – Black (*new* @ Enchantment)

Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Broom – Ebony
pose is in the broom

picture taken at Enchantment event


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