Watching You Watch Her

She shows up to the club an hour before her shift. She does three shots at the bar with the regulars before she heads to the dressing room where she’ll smoke a blunt with the girls. They chat about which regulars are in the club. They bitch about the guys at the back of the room that never tip. She slips out of her jeans and into her first costume of the night and takes another shot from the flask she keeps in her bag. She takes a quick glance in the mirror at the details of her make-up, her body, her costume…yet never looks herself in the eye. She fills her lungs with the smoke filled air, rolls her shoulders, and steps out the door to work the room until its her turn to go on stage.
She hands the DJ her music and listens for her queue,  Music to Watch Boys To by Lana Del Rey
She takes the stage and loses herself in the lights and music.
She’s watching you watch her.

watching you.jpg

About the stuff….oh my god! I’m so over the damn moon about this stuff. Industry7 and unKindness have done it AGAIN! They have delivered the most amazing sets for Epiphany this round and I swear every item in each gacha is a MUST have. Its all so amazing, I really don’t know how they decided what which items would be RARES.
Don’t even get me started on this round of ROMP! Just gather all your lindens and say farewell to them now, because there is so much happening out there right now there’s no way you can’t go broke. I have…twice….LOL. So, one more picture showing more stuff and then the details. I’m off to do more shopping and at this rate, I might actually need to take up dancing to support my shopping habits!
watching you watch her

Moon. Hair. // Tangerine
eyeshadow & lipstick by Madrid Solo
-SU!- Elyse Facial Piercings /INK
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
S&P diamonds pasties
S&P Ryan black (*new* @ ROMP)
#EMPIRE – Forsythia leg straps
S&P Ryan legstraps – GIFT (*new* @ ROMP)

industy7 items (*new* @ The Epiphany)
_i7_urban studio_back alley set RARE
_i7_urban studio_junk&can prop
_i7_urban studio_trashcan prop
_i7_urban studio_cockstar prop red
_i7_urban studio_cockstar prop teal
_i7_urban studio_muthafucka neon
unKindness items (*new* @ The Epiphany)
uK – Row House Red (build on the left)
uK – Public Housing Off-Sim RARE (bigass building in the background)

pose by Del May


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