“Motivation will keep you going forwards,
Hesitation will only drag you backwards.”
Mouloud Benzadi


I love this quote, because it can be applied to so many areas of my life. However, regardless of what area of my life I apply it to, it all seems to come down to motivation vs hesitation. At the end of the day, its the hesitation that will drag me backwards, because anytime I’m not moving forward with the rest of the world….well, I’m essentially going backwards. The struggle is too real, because my hesitation is often camouflaged as procrastination which is a subject for another blog, later on. *smirks* While it often is the lack of motivation that lends a helping hand to that nasty culprit known as hesitation, I’m fully aware that fear is always lurking around the corner waiting for me to stand too close to the edge of something…forcing me to look down when I know I shouldn’t.

I wrestle with conundrums like this far too often. I let myself get distracted and lose the focus I need to remain motivated. I refer to my lack of attention as chasing squirrels and make light of it, but to be honest it really gets in the way of my life. It…I…get in the way of my own life. I get in my way all the time. More than anyone or anything, I get in my own way. Being lazy, being complacent, sitting still…not moving forward. As I sit here writing all of this, I’m thinking of all the ways this applies to in my life right this very moment. All the things I should and could be doing right now.

I write this blog because its therapeutic and I just don’t keep up with writing in a journal the way I did when I was younger. So, I refuse to see this as a waste of my time. Nor do I see SL as a waste of my time. I will admit I spend a bit too much time there and probably invest too much emotion, but that’s another post, too.

I started this post wanting to write about how we hold on to things, places, and even people far longer than we should sometimes. I wanted to touch on how hesitating to release the toxicities from our lives is genuinely holding us back. As I started writing, a different message became painstakingly clear. So, with that said, I’m going to wrap this up and  move forward. I hope you’ll do the same. ♥

creepy sady

=DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair “Elsie” (*new* @ The Liaison Collaborative)
-SU!- Moonfrost Eyes SILVER
::SG:: Tiara Eyeshadow for Catwa
-SU!- Nosebleed (*new* in store)
-SU!- Elyse Facial Piercings /INK
[atooly] mia spiked hoops – black
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
[n.i] metal.as.f*ck.set 5
.:Dead Dollz::. Sequoia (*new* @ The Seasons Story)

Yes, yes, I do love Suicide Unborn. No, there’s no hidden message here. Just enjoy the wicked imagery. LOL!


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