“Dream on
Dream until your dreams come true” ~Aerosmith Dream On

This line, from one of my all time favorite songs really hit home this morning when I woke from dreaming about friends from Second Life. This isn’t all that abnormal, I’ve often dreamed about my friends from this virtual land, but last night’s dream was quite surreal and I woke up thinking how easily that dream could be made into a virtual reality. Yes, another post about why I love Second Life, because here we can do and be just about anything we want…even lost in a daydream. Don’t ever allow yourself to be bored in Second Life, go make a dream come true. ❤

dream on

hair: TRUTH HAIR Kora (*new* at Epiphany)
top: 3. MyKawaiiTop – Pink by Dead Dollz (*new* at Epiphany)
pants: paper.arrow pedal.pushers polka.pink (Fifty Linden Friday 4/29/16)
shoes: REIGN.– HEART PLATFORMS (Fifty Linden Friday 4/29/16)

posed on: {anc} NO LIMITS. Stairs for sunlight RARE
**<3 Special thanks to my dear friend Grace Sixpence for allowing me to use her land for this photo. ❤ **


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