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Easter Fun

There are plenty of controversial theories about the origins of Easter and I will not even begin to dig into that topic, particularly in a Second Life blog. Those that know me well, pretty much know where I stand on religion as a whole and that’s good enough for me. Once upon a time, Easter meant bunnies and candy for me…now, its symbolic of so much more. It represents personal pain, change, and this year, I’ve decided it’s going to represent rebirth…MY rebirth.

With that said…Let’s focus on the fun side. Since bunnies are so freaking adorable and I had so much fun putting together a bunny with attitude look, I thought why not share my nonchalant attitude towards the holiday in a picture. Also, one of my favorite memories about Easter as a child was coloring eggs…and EVERYTHING I’m wearing came with a color change HUD (even the chair, table & picture frame have texture options), so there are lots of variations one could make simply by wearing the same items I’m wearing. So, go out there and find your Easter look and above all else…have fun with it! ❤

Happy Easter Blog

Pictured Above:
hair: little bones. Tara
mask: L’Emporio ::*Steampunk Bunny*::-03-Mask
choke & arm straps: *MUKA* Alia Set
bracelets: *MUKA* Cuff Love
outfit: .ET. Vintage Romance Outfit RARE
boots: .ET. Vintage Romance Boots Ivory
Chair, table, roses, wine: all part of the ~BAZAR~Paris-Full set
picture frame (barely visible): Apt B // Barb Wire Picture Frame
candle tray (barely visible): GOOSE – Love is a candle light

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